Galations 5 vs 1It is for Freedom that Christ set us free. Stand firm, then, do not let yourselves be burdened again with a yoke of slavery.

As an individual who works in finance God shows me so many ways how he is a business man and on Good Friday like today, I see it as a day commomerating the biggest trade deal ever transacted on earth. Most deals close on that day based on assets valued in the portfolio that are being transacted at that moment and in property purchasing terms, the day of completion is when after the money is exchanged, and ownership of title is transfered to the new owner who gets the keys to the asset!

This is what happened over 2000 years ago but this asset that was traded for is YOUR LIFE entering into the Kingdom of God portfolio. I know you were not there the day the deal was struck but the great news is that this was a perpetual deal in which you can access into this most incredible institution with the latest HiTech, innovation, heavenly downloads, peace, joy, good health and above all eternal life. Time is running out though because if you die or Christ returns and you have not willingly chosen your life to become one of the assets that fits into this Kingdom of God portfolio, you run out of time and you are out for eternity. I personally hate scaremongering people or making them live in fear but I am more drawn by the attraction of a proposition rather than the cons of not doing something. Seriously, this is the place to be and if you no longer want to miss out on all that your life was created to be all you need to say is these words with me today

Jesus, I accept you into my life as my saviour. I willingly release my old sinful life and trade it for a life in Christ, the Hope of Glory. Wash me clean and send me the right mentor, teachers and leaders who will lead me and show me how to walk with you. Above all, give me the Gift of the Holy Spirit who will be able to guide me, teach me and reveal to me your ways so I can enjoy the life of abundance that you did that trade deal for me for. Thank you Jesus.

If you prayed that prayer, welcome to the Body of Christ or to an ascended level in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Find your local Jesus preaching, bible teaching, Holy Ghost filled church today and speak to the leaders there. If you are somewhere remote contact me if you want me to pray with you. If you are already a member of this awesome Kingdom of God, share this with your friends and family and lets make some noise with the Heavenly angels who rejoice everytime someone enters into the life of freedom with Jesus Christ.

Have an amazing weekend.

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