The month of March in my world has truly been awesome month of celebration and revelation, my birthday Month, the month of new beginnings. When the Holy Spirit first instructed me to give my very favourite beautiful jacket that I had bought in New York to a sister in the Lord that I have been walking and praying with, I was like, “God, let me go home and give her another one that I have. He was like no, that one that you have on right now, and I was like nooo, it cost me so much and I love it!” Needless to say, I felt the pain and did it anyway. I have come to know to know and experience the physical presence of God literally on me all the time now and it often results in me looking or acting out what would be termed as wierd but whenever I have felt embarrassed and found myself complaining, my very quick repentance scripture is a cry like David’s in Psalms 51 vs 11 in which he says “Do not banish me from your presence, and don’t take your Holy Spirit from me.” I personally take comfort in feeling that God is near me and my obediance again in this instance was fuelled from a love for him and not ever wanting to be in bad books with him as well as having developed a trust that he would never ask me to do anything that would not ultimately be good for me maybe not immediately but in the long run. Almost like a best friend whom when or if they ask you to do something for them, because you love them and it may not be so convenient or easy for you to do, you make the sacrifice and do it anyway.

I thought about how many of us have been instructed to do something by God and because it comes at a cost, we doubt if it is His voice because it requires a letting go of something that we love or a mindset that has served us so well up until that point! The month progressed and I recieved more instructions to give away jackets I was wearing and I was like “Daddy? At this rate I will have no jackets left!” I love beautiful jackets, of all clothing accessories, jackets are my favourite! I now know what it means to give even when it pains you to do so! There is something that happens that releases you into a greater place of freedom from love of material things as you do so but more importantly, these particular transactions were about God releasing something to these individuals that they have been yearning for and I have been hearing and witnessing great testimonies of what God has been doing in their lives since.

My purposed act of obediance, not only allowed me to partake and witness how God works but also released me into another level of giving that I was not able to do before. It is easy for us to give away the things we no longer need or things we can afford to give, but it is a totally different ball game when you are asked or have to give away your best! God did just that when he gave us Jesus, His Best, His Only,His Favourite, that we may be saved and that all nations would be saved! Now this Jesus gets all the Glory and is seated on the right hand side of the Father and he has the Name above all names! It is ironic that one of the scriptures that I was given to meditate on this month was Acts 9 vs 16 where God tells Annanais regarding Saul, whom we now know as the apostle Paul in Acts 9 vs 16 “And I will show him how much he must suffer for my name’s sake.” We all love and enjoy the Glory and elevation, but few of us are prepared to pay the price! I have been feeling the pinch of this lesson in areas that I thought I was already good at, God is taking me deeper.

We see Elijah throw a coat of Elisha in 1 Kings 19 vs 19-21, where he was he was going about the work of His hands but recognised the Call of God on his life, closed up his field and burned his cattle and followed Elijah where he would begin the training for his Kingdom assignment! Many of us got the current level of our operations years ago and have been content on working at that place for years and for you perhaps the new mantle that is being released is similar to the Double portion of annointing kind of mantle that you need to catch! We Elisha recieve this one when Elijah was taken up to Heaven in a whirlwind and to obtain this he needed to remain focused and follow Elijah at all times, never losing sight of the prize he had been promised despite how things were looking around him in the book of 2 Kings 9. He caught it and the area around him was transformed as a result of this. A mantle is defined as a very important role or responsibility that is passed on from one person to another and was often signified by a coat or shawl in the biblical days. There are all sorts of mantles out there and they are released to ensure that certain functions and roles on this earth are accomplished. It is like a batton in a relay race to ensure that the vision is carried out and progressed. Whenever the cry out of people reaches God, he raises up people who are able to usher his move in that place. To date we always talk about great ancient and modern day innovaters like the Steve Jobs, great revivalists like John G Lake, Kathryn Kulman,great leaders like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi’s, and awesome intercessors like Prophetess Anna who would spend day and night interceeding for Gods people and Elijah who were ordinary people but who when they prayed a prayer, it touched heaven and was released on earth. Whenever there is going to be a great move of God in a particular area, these mantles are released to ensure that the work that needs to be done is carried out!

So God is moving mightily and swiftly in this season to usher in the coming back of my saviour and King Jesus Christ back to collect his Bride. Nations are crying out and there are so many problems in the world that God wants to use you and I to fulfil. There is a great work to be done and many positions to be filled to complete the pieces of the puzzle. The Spirit of the Lord has been hovering over the earth looking to whom to release these positions and responsibilities to that are crucial in making a difference in this generation and to usher in the Glory of the King of kings.

I have been sent to announce to you that “New mantles are being released!” Mantles of Leadership, Innovation, Strategies, Creativity, Prayer and Intercession, Prophetic, Evangelism, Teaching, Deliverance, Business, Healing, Discoveries, all types and Kinds of mantles you can think of! Release the old and step into the new! You have not moved or operated in this level before. Make sure you are positioned to catch yours!

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