A Father’s Heart for His Daughter’s- OUT NOW!

The book is out! The long awaited wait is over. It is time for the restoration of the true identities of God’s daughters. When I was instructed to start writing this book last year in February, I had no idea how it was going to take me on a journey and path to fully understanding who I am and who God has called me to be. I would no longer just be part of the crowds that sing the song “I know who I am” yet when the beat of the instrument has faded away be met with internal voices of doubt and insecurity about my worth and value. This book is especially for women who are on a quest to live a more fulfilling life than what they are experiencing today and would like their setting recalibrated to that great plan the the Lord has for them, that plan to prosper them and not harm them, that plan to give them a hope and a future. For the earthly fathers, brothers and husbands, enjoy this read which should help you to understand your roles more and how to position the women in your lives to thrive. Through my story and insights I pray that this triggers your own awakening to your true Identity and Purpose. Kingdom Blessings

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