I’ve just left an interesting season in my life where I truly began to learn the importance of following the specific instructions especially when it comes to money matters and I have begun to experience a wave of extraordinary events which I see as a direct reason for that.  It is harvest time and every farmer knows how exiting it is to have a bumper harvest! There has always been something in me that has cringed as I hear in church services or on TV when I see an almost bidding taking place where people are told that they need to part with x amount of money for their miracle or breakthrough.  There is such a spirit of manipulation that has taken over the world where people are not encouraged to use their own judgement or listen to that still soft voice that speaks in every individual’s life but are incited to just act impulsively starting from the shops where we do our shopping right down to church services on Sundays. Whilst I know that the spirit of God does speak about giving very specific amounts and where to put them, the key is being able to identify when that message is specifically for you if you are being told by someone else that that is what the spirit of God is saying! I have these experiences where I hear it myself and when I obey, the rewards are just a little shy of supernatural provision in the exact areas I need. KNOW WHEN IT IS YOUR SEASON TO PLANT AND WHAT IT IS YOU ARE MEANT TO BE SOWING, RIGHT SEED AT THE RIGHT TIME BEARS FRUIT.

I also have trouble with public giving where a big announcement is made so as to make the individual giver be glorified in a competitive bid to encourage others to also give. When you look at the scriptures it says do not let your left hand know what your right hand has given as the person who is able to truly bless you for your giving is the heavenly father. Even when we look at the planting of crop by farmers, the seed is laid in the ground and covered up with soil, no one knows what lies beneath short of local knowledge that farmer Tom is a cotton farmer or whatever he sows. So if you want to receive money, start giving people money, if you want to receive love, start loving people, if you want to gain influence and promotion, begin promoting others. Do it in secret so that God who sees you will reward you for it. SOW IN SECRET, IT WILL NOT BE LONG THAT THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR WILL BE EVIDENT TO THE WHOLE WORLD

This is a principle that is so sound I am so surprised that not many people fully embrace and run with it. Our mouths are the most powerful tool in which we use to sow into our lives and that of other people’s too. If you find yourself always speaking words of discouragement or non-constructive criticism in peoples lives, wait for it, it will not be too long before you see the fruits of your planting unfolding before your very eyes. The wise words of King Solomon in Proverbs 13 vs 2 says A man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth, which confirms that what we bring out and sow with our words, is what we shall reap. We are all guilty of having sown bad seeds in out lives at some point and I urge you this morning to critically assess yourself in areas where you are struggling and repent of your actions that you took in ignorance and start on a clean page with what you are sowing from today onwards. THE WORDS THAT COME FROM YOUR MOUTH WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE POSITIVELY OR NEGATIVELY, ISSUE THEM OUR WISELY.

You see, if you have seeds for bananas and you try and plant them in icy cold Norway, the ground will simply reject your seed and nothing will grow.  But guess what, you are short of banana seeds and when other banana farmers are harvesting in Barbados or sunny Accra, you will be gloomy faced and wondering what happened when you too were a sower!  Network with people who carry the same ideas as you, attend those seminars and workshops to develop yourself and find out what is happening in the industry or sector you are in. When you do not know what seeds you carry, ie who you are, you can be like that guy in the bible parable of the sower who planted on stony or thorny ground, never getting any meaningful results from your efforts. You go through life feeling frustrated as it seems everything you touch does not come to anything because you spend too much time in the wrong places doing the wrong things.  Any successful company understands that putting the right efforts in the right areas will increase productivity and hence profitability and the very same principle applies to our individual lives. PLANT IN THE RIGHT GROUND FOR THE SEED YOU ARE CARRYING AND NETWORK WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE, IRON SHARPENS IRON.

A vital key is to never get desperate with your seed. In a quest for quick results we often get lured and swayed into all sorts of projects and businesses simply because we want to be successful many times investing more than we can afford to because you have put yourself under all sorts of pressure. Oh I’m getting too old and running out of time and therefore the next opportunity that presents itself I am just going to sow my seed over there. Once you pour out your seed or resources into a project that you are not sure of how it works or whether you have the ability to work it, it is often difficult to recoup your resources back from it. I’ve seen people running from one Multi Level Marketing business to another, never really taking the time to ask themselves what are my gifts and do I have the passion and time to work this or simply having the patience and focus to work the business. There is no true get rich quick schemes that will earn you money whilst you sleep unless there is some sort of scam in it. Whilst there are easy and smart ways of making money, you will need to have used your brain to set up the ingenious model in the first instance which is the hard work and will at some stage enjoy the rewards of it. DESPERATION WILL LEAD YOU TO MAKING SOME RASH UNSOUND JUDGEMENTS, KEEP CALM AND MAKE SOUND INVESTMENTS

You see each and every one of us was created for a specific purpose and when you do not know what that is, you can go through life following the crowds, every time you are asked to give here and give there doing it aimlessly.  By the time you reach your fertile ground and the opportunity to invest in that multimillion pound idea, you have nothing left to give.  Then we declare that life is hard, it is not fair and yet really you had the same opportunities as everyone else but did not tune into that wiring that is individual and unique to you that will propel you to the next level. In this last season I was even told to repent of wrong judgements I had made on various people because they had hurt or wronged someone I was close to. The clash that had taken place with those people was because it was a case of an apple device trying to be programmed with Microsoft software, there was an incompatibility there. However that person who wronged your sister may have the word or idea or may be the very person that will take your game to the next level. You need to take off your prejudice over them to be able to benefit from the association. You are the Apple device and they have the Apple software that you need to be able to operate in the fullness of who you are called to be. DO NOT USE OTHER PEOPLES EXPERIENCES SOLELY TO DETERMINE YOUR FOOTSTEPS, FORM YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE, IT MAY BE YOUR DESTINY CONNECTION THAT YOU ARE SHUTTING OUT

Stop envying other people’s progress or success. The grass always looks greener on the other side but I’ll remind you that in actual fact, the grass is greener where it is watered! ONCE YOU HAVE SOWN THAT SEED, REMOVE THE WEEDS, PRUNE THE PLANTS AND WATER IT, IN DUE SEASON YOU WILL REAP A BOUNTIFUL HARVEST!

So this morning I want to pray that someone has their eyes of insight and understanding opened, to be able to identify what seeds of greatness they are carrying and to begin to be sensitive to the leading of the holy spirit who is interested in your very success. I pray that you may learn to be obedient to the specific instruction that have been mapped out for your own individual life to ensure a safe carrying and yield of whatever it is that you are carrying. I come against any manipulative or deceptive spirits in the name of Jesus that have been hindering your progress and declare that this is your day of clarity and revelation of what exactly you need to do to fulfil the mandate that said BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY!

Tendayi Ndoro

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