What good can come out of Africa? The triumph of tech savvy hearts!

I recently found myself pondering this age-old question. Often underestimated and overlooked, Africa has become a hotbed of technological innovation and excellence. This revelation hit me as I reflected on the exceptional customer service and support I’ve received from tech-savvy individuals from Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Nigeria. These young men have harnessed their gifts, skills, and talents to support startup ideas and businesses, making a remarkable impact on social media presence. What’s even more astonishing is the excellence they consistently deliver, not only in the quality of their work but also in their exceptional customer service.

One such outstanding business, “Ethan’s Designs” in Zimbabwe, has been instrumental in developing my websites. Watching them grow and witnessing their ability to meet and exceed expectations from referrals I’ve sent their way fills me with hope for the continent. It’s clear that a new generation is rising in Africa, one poised to serve the nations with their unique skills, gifts, and talents, all while residing in their home countries.

These modern-day tech-savvy soldiers have navigated the challenges of irregular electricity supply and data limitations with unwavering determination. I can’t help but wonder about the myriad opportunities that could blossom if basic infrastructure issues were resolved – issues like making accessible and affordable Wi-Fi available to the average person on the street.

Africa holds countless solutions waiting to benefit its people, solutions born from the ingenuity and creativity of its own residents. The only missing piece of the puzzle is reliable connectivity. Once these connectivity and access issues are addressed, the doors to an era of innovation and progress will swing open for Africa, ushering in a new dawn of possibilities for the average person on the street. The untapped potential of this vast continent is about to be unleashed, and the world will be amazed at what emerges.

I attended an AI conference last week, marking my first deep dive into its capabilities. While I couldn’t help but acknowledge the potentially unsettling aspects of AI, I was equally captivated by the astonishing, game-changing possibilities it offers. It reminded me of the Lord’s message about ‘Understanding Money 2021, which had a theme Upgrade- It is a new era’ and the imperative of upgrading for this new time. At the time, I found solace in the scripture from Jeremiah 12:5, which states, ‘If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in a peaceful land, how will you fare in the thickets of the Jordan?’ AI represents those ‘horses’ and the ‘Jordan.’ It offers a tremendous opportunity to ride the wave and flourish through the technological advancements it will usher in. The question is, what will we do?

When I think of people like Ethans Designs, I am filled with hope for the next generation and pray for ingenious ideas to normalise connectivity so that the average person on the street can get access.

The possibilities are boundless, and we find ourselves asking: What positive contributions can emerge from Africa? It’s a triumph for tech-savvy hearts!”

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