I HAVE A COAT OF MANY COLOURS-Its Time for me to radiate and shine in my CAREER

Are you positioned in the right job for your skills, talents and gifting?  Are you in the right CAREER for the gifts and natural abilities that you came into this world with? I had an interesting revelation this afternoon as I was having a chat with someone dear to me who always seems to land herself in trouble with her curiosity to understand why people are doing what they are doing and ends up poking her nose into people’s business where she is not welcome. She is a lovely girl and has a good heart but her actions get her so isolated many times as she seems to have the knack of rubbing people up the wrong way and has few to no genuine long-lasting friends.

I have her permission to put this out here after our joint analysis and as we were able to be honest with each other, we both concluded that she is very intelligent and has a way of slyly digging up information about people’s lives as she knows how to get in there by showing genuine concern and has a way of leading questions which get the response the suspicions she had about you or what you were going through. She gets such a thrill from making a discovery but this gets her being avoided like the plague by many people upon realisation that what they had opened up in confidence was now being spread around like the gospel and many people who end up finding her too intrusive simply cannot let their guard down around her and avoid her like the plague.

She, unfortunately, finds herself working in a career where she is dealing with chemicals in a lab most of the day so when she is let out into society, she begins to put her underutilized detective Sherlock Holmes skills to use and finds herself prying into the lives of family and friends, uncovering who has been cheating2 on who, who is unhappy and whose children are running wild, all of which are very sensitive issues that once they start being discussed anyhow, can really feel like betrayal and being kicked whilst you are down. Most of these discoveries are so juicy there is a great temptation to share them with someone, often under the guise of lets pray for so and so and this unearthing of people’s lives often finds herself sharing them with other people(known as gossiping) and too often this backfires as the story ends up back with the person who it was not meant to get back to. No one is happy in the end! Relationships are broken and mistrust amongst people who are meant to be united runs strong.

What if that person had a career as a detective or a forensic nurse or doctor? What if they became a journalist? What if they got to spend 8 hours a day prying and nosing and unearthing hidden secrets that get them to be fully satisfied as well as getting career recognition for the right reasons as they did this. By the time they get to their family and friends, this part of their gifting is fully satisfied and fulfilled, their social standing and boundaries in their relationships would be healthy.

I remember how I used to talk so much as a young child and often get myself into so much trouble, (I have learnt and continue to learn where the boundaries lie). Thankfully I find myself landed in activities where I get to speak but have also learnt to listen and get to channel my voice toward solution findings instead of digging at people’s lives. By the time I am done with my work during the day, I have not got much to say to anyone except enjoy being peaceful and quiet.

Does your current career satisfy your character and are you being given an adequate outlet to express your self in your line of occupation?

We see Joseph’s wisdom being wasted in prison when he was Prime Minister material.
What vocation where you created to shine in and how are you going to turn that career truck so you are doing more of the things that you were born and created to do rather than being mislabeled and misunderstood because you are standing in the wrong career place?

ISAIAH 60 VS 1- Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.


I have a coat of many COLOURS-Its Time for me to radiate and shine in my career

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