Foundations- The Key to any secure structure

Happy New Year to you all! I am glad that you are able to read this because it means you made it through! As you begin the new year and plan your goals and resolutions, I wanted to ensure that you fail safe your financial plans by ensuring that your foundation still looks strong, or if you have never considered it, ensure that you place a structure in place. This is a great time to review your financial position and check whether you are heading towards the right track with your long term goals and whether the cover you have in place is still right for your needs.

I was reminded of this when one of my self employed clients called me yesterday and stressed that she needed to reduce her waiting period on her income protection policy as she had slammed her finger in a door and had been unable to work for over a month. At the time she took out the cover she had sufficient contingency to cover her during that period however throughout the year, life had happened and she found herself needing something that kicked in much sooner during this time. Make sure your foundation stays strong so you can boldly move throughout this year knowing that should the unexpected happen, it will not derail everything you have been working so hard towards.

Contact me and let us get it right! The Foundation is the Key to any structure!

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