Unsung Heroes- Remarkable women Transforming our local community

Storytelling holds incredible power in delivering influential messages to the world. This Black History Month has been nothing short of extraordinary, spotlighting black women who too often find themselves at the bottom of the ladder. Nana, the founder of the Film Academy (check out their work at https://www.famk.co.uk/), orchestrated a remarkable Black History Month exhibition in Middleton Hall. It marked a personal milestone as I ventured out to a public exhibition for the first time and took a few of the things I do in my community, which include Lifeplan (mortgage and insurance advisory business), Understanding Money Program( financial literacy movement) and Royal Diadems( a women and girls identity, skills and gifts training and mentoring ministry.) What a joy to meet with like-minded people!

Nana has been tirelessly running Junior Filmmaking academies, igniting passion and knowledge among young minds. Her work has had a profound impact, particularly on my daughter, a natural-born storyteller who, at the age of 5, was writing scripts and doing little plays for her friends to act out but had no platform or expression to bring this out. This event allowed me to connect with remarkable individuals making a difference right here in my community of Milton Keynes.

Let’s raise our hats in salute to every black woman working tirelessly behind the scenes to leave an indelible mark on their communities. These unsung heroes tackle identity issues, engage in youth work, foster creativity, and promote financial literacy for the next generation on top of having to raise their own families. I also want to extend a heartfelt shout-out to every person and institution generously supporting these pioneers, enabling them to uplift, equip, and empower our communities. The work is great and cannot be done alone. Your dedication to these causes is the driving force behind greater equality and diversity in our neighbourhoods.

This celebration couldn’t have come at a more fitting time as we gear up for our 6th Annual Understanding Money Conference in Milton Keynes on November 3rd and 4th. Our vision is to cultivate generational wealth through financial literacy. I am especially grateful to Vitality, my team at Odyssey Wealth Management and the invaluable speakers and mentors who so far have been able to catch my vision. Thank you for being part of this essential journey. I am eternally grateful.

As Black History Month ends today, I pray that the support and bridging of the gaps do not end with it. Let there be light and oneness in our communities!

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