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Make More Time to do You!

So if you are like me, and are responsible for these precious gifts from God we call children, who are not old enough to chauffer themselves to Saturday activities, you can often feel like a taxi driver who doesn’t get paid after trying to fit in everything else that needs to be done in your life in that one day you are not needed at work.

On my journey to an abundant life I’m realising that there is always stuff that needs doing, places that you need to be and people who need you to call them but the one thing that is going to be pivotal on the quality of the journey for oneself, is how you decide to use your time despite all the demands on it.

So it’s wonderful to wait while Ash’s activities are going on (instead of the usual dash to do shopping or tidy the house which means these awesome quiet moments had been erased), in a coffee shop in my own little corner and tucking into this awesome read.

Despite being a real extrovert, I cherish and love quiet moments where I can get to enjoy my own company and enjoy a good read or movie and realising now how life’s demands and responsibilities can often strip away these priceless moments if you are not careful. Set a regular date just with yourself so you can take time out to meditate, reflect or just do what you love to do on your own.

Jesus used to go up to the mountain by himself and spend many hours in solitude and when he came down he was always refilled with strength, wisdom and power for the next assignment. He came to show us the blueprint for an abundant life and yet it’s so easy to be caught up with the cares and busyness of this world and miss it!

The world needs and is waiting for the best version of you to show up in everything that you do. Take some time out and do you! (Especially for mothers out there)

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