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How to make it during hard times

I got back from Zimbabwe last week, for the second time during this summer holiday. A summer break where I had planned to fully experience the limitless lifestyle of working in Africa whilst my baby got to enjoy the African soil. I managed to get a glimpse of it during my second trip after my own crises and tasted some of the possibilities that are available in a nation that is bursting at the seams with great potential and people eager to get ahead in life.

I was quite disturbed by a series of what I know to be prophetic warning dreams the week prior to me leaving. One of them was hearkening me to leave Zim before the end of last week because something nasty was going to be released before the end of the week. My heart breaks when I hear the stories of the innocent lives that have been lost so far from cholera and typhoid outbreak. It is even more disappointing when one hears how taxpayers hard earned money is used even during such crises to cushion the lives of the already privileged instead of addressing the fundamental needs of the majority. Who knows why such decisions are made? Who am I to question such moves?

During those series of dreams for Zimbabwe, I was led to pray for Gods Shalom peace to reign over the land as the scripture I heard was that in Proverbs 13 vs 12 that says Hope deferred makes the heart sick. A lot of people on the ground who are not privileged enough to have the means or ideas to thrive in the land are sick and tired of being sick and tired and that is a very dangerous thing, the stuff in which uprisings come from and can lead to bloodshed, something that we do not want to experience in this beautiful nation. My cry out continues to be God come through for the average man on the streets of Zimbabwe and show yourself mighty!

The last dream I had that I had I was flying back to the UK and as the plane was attempting to enter into the UK airspace, it was a hard frozen ice block that was impenetrable, I heard the word FROZEN and I said to myself in the dream, it is better to go back to the warmth of Africa since the UK is so Hard. As I woke up I had Brexit on my heart and realised this was another area we needed to keep praying for, a softer Brexit than what may be in the process of being brewed at the moment in the atmosphere. Praying for wisdom, insight and God’s intervention that His perfect will for the United Kingdom to thrive may prevail above all things and that we may be able to endure the processes that may come with the transition.

The thing I love about God is he gives warnings and sounds the alarm bells so that we his children may be alert of potential dangers and troubles that lie ahead of us. Some are inevitable, some can be turned around but the sure thing is when we remain in the strong tower which is the name of Jesus, we are saved from whatever tricky hard times may come our way.

I began to think to myself of wise things to do and remember when there is the threat of hard times impending or you find yourself in the thick of difficult situation and how you can come up on top of the situation and I thought I would share 3 of my favourite with you.

1-This is the best time to ensure that your Ephesians 6 Armour of God is fully on, so that when the day of evil comes you are able to stand. Use this scripture to meditate over every area of your life and check that the gates are secure especially your helmet of Salvation because once the enemy gets into your head and tells you that you are finished, the rest of the armour struggles to be of any use, you need to have the mind of Christ to be able to make it through. This applies to your marriage, your children, your career, your business, your ministry, your health and your ultimate purpose.

2-Remember that as a believer the pressing, persecution and crushing comes because of Christ who is to be revealed through your life according to 2 Corinthians 4 vs 8-15. Do not try to stand by your own strength but draw into the strength from your faith in Christ and keep at the forefront of your mind that you are coming out Victorious regardless of how the situation is looking like! Jesus did it by the power of the Holy Spirit that raised Him from the dead and that same power is working in you and will quicken your mortal body too. You will come out a WInner, you are coming out on Top even if you die in the physical during the process, you are an eternal being and you will live forever!

3- This hard time has likely come to disable you and enable God in you to take over and show himself strong in your life. I witnessed this when I had to fly out to Botswana and minister a few days after burying my aunt who I loved dearly and God stationed walking angels all the way on my journey out there to stand with me, pray with me, edify me, pay for things for me, then He himself took over and ministered to His people through me and I could not take any credit for it at all especially during the ministry time where I ministered in tongues and He had lined up an interpreter for me to translate the tongues and all we did was watch him MOVE and deliver His people!
You too will not be able to take any credit for the wonderful things that God is about to do in your life. It is not by power nor by might but by His Spirit. In Genesis 26 vs 12-13, we hear of a great famine that hit in the time of Issac and it reads “Then Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold, and the Lord blessed him. The man began to prosper and continued prospering until he became very prosperous. The impending hard times will bring YOU and your HOUSEHOLD into some serious success!

Do not be in despair at the threatening news of hunger of famine, but as Isaac did, sow what you need to sow in that time and watch God turn things for your good and prosper you!

Buckle up, put on your seatbelt and Get to know your God, we are entering into the seasons across the world for those who KNOW their God! They WILL do great exploits and shall be mighty in the land regardless of the conditions!

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