Global financial shakings-Year of significant wealth transfer

I saw myself in a car with a few people who I recognised to be residents of USA, UK, RSA and Zimbabwe and we were driving where there seemed to be undulating earth shakes and the ground was constantly moving and shifting amidst very green lush hills, the car kept moving and did not fall into any ditches and we stayed focused on the road ahead and although it felt like a volatile surrounding where you did not know what was going to happen next and the ground we were on was going to disappear, we knew we were safe in the car and were going to get to the other side ok.
As I asked the Lord what this meant I got this;

There will be many global financial turbulences in these specific nations that will affect and shake up finances…really shaky ground…and it is vital for my own to remain lead by me during this period of great wealth transfer. Some will lose a lot, some will make a lot, you want to be on the making a lot side. These moves do not occur frequently and I am setting up my own for their next level as they listen to my voice and do what needs to be done.

It will not be a guessing game for you but I will confirm, speak once and twice and even 3 times with the things I have for you so you know it is me. Fear not, like Joshua did, possess what I have laid aside for you and do not get distracted from the actions you are meant to be doing and decisions you need to make by the undulating and confusing landscape around you. You need to trust in God, it is a ripe environment for miracles.

Pay attention to the details and fine prints of contracts like never before as there will be new deceptive clauses in many contracts devised to put my children in great bondage but it is a season where you will need to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

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