On Friday the 18th of Jan 2019 I had a dream which after an interpretation I got from the Lord, the word I got was “Zimbabwe is coming out of this mess and will be saved.”
I dreamt of watching my mom wearing gumboots in the swimming pool which had just a little water and was literally caked at the bottom with all other stuff like sea reeds and big piles of excrement that looked like a combination of elephants’ dogs’ and other animals waste as well as other plastic-type rubbish. She was trying to use those cleaner picking sticks to clean it out slowly but it looked like such a big job it was difficult to see any progress as she picked things out one at a time. As I was watching from outside the pool fence, I then spoke to her in the dream… and said “wow mom I dreamt of you doing exactly this before last night and now it’s happening just like I dreamt. Exactly the same scene!”

Then as she was doing that, I saw a gorilla up In one of the trees in a nearby orchard starting to defecate whilst in the tree then begin to speedily climb down fast and advancing aggressively towards swimming pool to attack her. She climbed out from the pool, did a Mcgyver type dive over the white fence like a gymnast and then rolled onto the ground on the other side and stood up with her arms wide open in the shape of a cross spinning round and round heading for the house towards the front door. ( As I was watching I was shocked and surprised at how she was able to do such manoeuvres) The spinning motion seemed to make the gorilla who was gunning to attack her not see her as it went into the trees back into the orchard. She ran into the house and shut the door then stood by the door which was glass and keeping watch.

Other people were trying to get away from the gorilla and the frightening situation outside too, mom was standing at the door, vetting them and letting them in. She began to let many people in as she checked them out first through the glass door as they lined up to enter in, even a little child and let them in. Then a little dog was also standing at the door hoping to be let in and she was like “sorry, no dogs allowed here.”
Your mom represents your motherland Zimbabwe, the pool represents a difficult to get out of a pile of mess and the gorilla represents principalities and powers in high places, releasing excrement in bucket loads over the continent of Africa.

Right now Zimbabwe seems to be in a pile of unsolvable mess and trouble and it looks like no matter how one tries to pick out the bad issues it’s facing one by one, there is at too much work to do and it looks like a hopeless situation. Me having a Deja Vu moment symbolises how this is a prophetic moment which the Lord has revealed to many of his prophets before and are activation to bring about what will happen next.

The current and upcoming difficult events and happenings will be a trigger and turning point which will bring about some strategic manoeuvres where there will be a great move of God and exiting from the mess it has found itself in for years. God has given blueprints and instructions to his Zimbabwean people all over the world who are going to be instrumental in this shift and now is not the time to not get carried away with the wind of emotional turmoil surrounding the situation but for those people to orchestrate and follow through on the guidance they have been given by God. Doors and opportunities to make the impact necessary are opening up and the divine plans from the throne room of God that will bring about the changes necessary will take place.

God is going to do a new thing, With God, Zimbabwe will leap over walls, God will surprise everyone, do the seemingly impossible and protect and preserve the nation in the most unlikely ways. Not by might not by power but by the Spirit of the Lord. Zimbabwe will be invisible to the destroying claws of the powers and principalities of darkness that would want to annihilate the nation and condemn its people to everlasting suffering and poverty. God will protect and preserve its people. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and they are saved.

Zimbabwe will become a safe haven and others will queue up wanting to enter in and understand the strategies it used to get to where it got to. Yes, it may not look like it now but it will come to pass. It will have the discernment of who let into its doors and no dogs will be allowed in. As in Matt 7 vs 6 which says Do not give to dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to dogs. If you do, they may trample under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces, ”
Zimbabwean borders and doors will be guarded with discernment and wisdom of who to align with, contract and sign agreements with, release its precious nuggets too and who to keep out. This type of experience was given to Israel after many years of being attacked and they now have some of the best defence systems in the world. Pay attention to Zimbabwe and stop waiting for the world to rescue you. God has put everything you need within you and has instructed strategic partners who will be a blessing that makes rich and adds no sorrow.

Discernment and divine strategy upon Zimbabwe we declare in Jesus mighty name!

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