In August 2019 I spent 6 weeks of summer in Zimbabwe and I remember meeting an awesome woman of God apostle Faith. Just driving into the vicinity of her location, the presence of God was so tangible I could barely walk straight. It was tongues overflow and numerous manifestations of the Holy Spirit mainly falling flat on my face and praying intensely. She was always immersed in the scriptures and we would read the word pray and read the word….she was fully charged up!

I had never met anyone like her, no big title, flashy car, nor lavish houses or lifestyle. An Anna of our generation called to a life of prayer and intercession. I remember exclaiming several times to God saying “I did not know you still make people like this!”

PECULIAR PEOPLE (Different to what is expected-strange). She had been instructed by God not to leave her flat for anything…not to even go to the shops and the Lord had assigned a maidservant to minister and wait on her. Apparently, a great wave of death was coming and people would not be able to come out of their houses or even go to the supermarkets until it had passed over. The revelations she was receiving were so vivid as are Gods messages, but it was so hard for us to really fathom whether this was for a time to come soon as she explained it…or something for the REAL END of DAYS. Surely we the church would not still be around when something like that would happen, bloodshed, massive loss of lives.

I knew she was hearing God and we had the most incredible prayer times and encounters of walking by faith and seeing the supernatural moves of God during that trip.
Almost 2 years later, I am reminded of how God had literally given her a word to pray about the times we are in. He gives us different assignments. She was hearing God instruct her to pray and fast over the nations and oh boy do we need to press into God’s presence in these challenging times.

To everyone who is pressing into their unusual GOD CALLING like Apostle Faith, the Elijah’s and Annas did…More grace, more oil for the journey. May God’s glory be made manifest as you play your pivotal role in the body of Christ and may we become more sensitive to God’s voice as He speaks to us individually and corporately!

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