Do not worry- It’s Happening! Confidently step into the present of today.

You have not yet accomplished that thing you want to accomplish until the day you do it.   At that moment it will be fulfilled, you will forget about not having it or getting there yet because that phase will now be in your history and you will have stepped into your Present!

You could waste your time not enjoying the gift of the day you have before you and season that you are in by worrying about people taking your place, beating you to the mark or replacing you.   You have no competition, your assignment is unique and cannot be done without you!

I thought about how this fast-paced world can often make us feel like we are being left behind or going too slow and in the world, when you do your SWOT analysis, there are many threats that threaten to annihilate your dreams, goals or purposes of God for your life.

Stop worrying yourself about what x y and z are doing and how much progress they seem to have had since they started. You do not know the full picture, route and sacrifices they have had to make along the way to get the outcomes they got, positioning them where they are now. Your benchmarks and journey are being directed by God to perfect His purposes in you, nothing will be wasted, not even your mistakes or your painful seasons.  He knows your beginning and will be there at the end and is working All things together for your good to the fulfilment of every promise over your life!

Abraham was destined by God to be the father of many and despite it taking a very long time to come to pass, God fulfilled his promise over his life, a father of nations, by bringing His chosen nation through his son Isaac with a bonus son that would form a different nation (Ishmael) being birthed through Haggai too!

Rahab was a prostitute until she was divinely set up to have an encounter with Israeli spies which led to her dignity being restored as she ended up being engrafted into the lineage of Christ through a decent marriage, something she probably thought she had been disqualified from by her previous career.

Hannah was destined by God to be a mother and despite Peninah mocking her for years, the process and route to holding her son Samuel in her arms was a journey that transformed her and made her willing to give the precious gift of this great Prophet back to God as a young child.

The barren couple Zechariah and Elizabeth were well advanced in age and had long forgotten about having babies until the Lord chose to bless them with John the Baptist, the chosen prophet who would prepare the way for the Messiah to come.

I came with good news today, that in the “Kingdom of God” you can operate from a position of rest knowing that the mandate of God over you life is secure and established and He has released heavenly help, destiny helpers on earth as well as given you the full measure of the Holy Spirit( 7 spirits of God) to help you fulfil your purpose as you remain attentive and yielded to Him. You will do what He said you will do, you are who He says you are and you are accomplishing what He said you will accomplish.  Do not worry about missing your God-given call, assignment and desires of your heart.  God is navigating you through the route and timing that will bring to fruition the fulfilment of those things he has spoken to you about that have been written about you in your book, to the glory of God’s marvellous name.   Just follow His leading, instructions and trust Him to get you to those ongoing sweet spots of your existence where your gain revelation and insights of why you are here and have been chosen to walk the journey you are going through.

NIV Ecclesiastes 3 vs 11;

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart, yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Step into today and enjoy the present that it is.  Rest in the presence of God and let Him guide you and continue to order your steps.  Your efforts and tenacity in holding on to your faith will not go to waste.  Do not worry about your desires and purpose being fulfilled, it is happening!

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