Hear this testimony about A Father’s Heart for His daughters-Restoration of True Identity- A book that looks at the pivotal Father/Daughter relationship and how it is so pivotal in shaping your IDENTITY.

Society and the world you have been brought up in has defined you as certain things and the structures in the world have defined and capped many destines!

You are more than your colour!
You are more than your dress size and shape!
You are more than your hair!
You are more than your marital status or the number of children you have!
You are more than the money that is in your bank account.
You are not orphaned you are not single, you have a husband, your Maker is His name! You are a daughter of God, you have a Heavenly Father!

It is time for your True Identity to be restored!

As we run-up to Father’s day, please accept my gift to all you beautiful ladies out there of this Debut book that you can download for free between the 10th to the 15th of June. Men too have enjoyed reading it as it has helped them understand how to love and handle the women and daughters in their lives better.…/…/ref=mp_s_a_1_4…

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