About Tendayi

Tendayi is a mother of one daughter and is passionate about helping people achieve their financial plans and goals through her business tradename  Lifeplan International which carries a tagline Making it Happen!  She runs teaching programs/seminars called Understanding Money which are days aimed at equipping teams and individuals with financial tools to building generational wealth through financial literacy.   You can book your team or group of 10 or more for such a session/workshop by filling out the contact us form. 

She is a sought out qualified financial life coach, independent mortgage and protection advisor, author and international speaker who lives in the United Kingdom and carries a special gift to encourage mindset transformation and acceleration in goal achievement and purpose alignment. She was Nominated for 2015 Ziwa(Zimbabwe International Women’s Awards) for Motivational Speaker of the Year Category and won 2015 Scottsdale Moneywise Financial Advisor of the year.

 Tendayi sees herself as a yielded vessel in the Kingdom of God whose desire is to release every good treasure deposited inside of her to serve her community and those she is assigned to whilst she is still on this earth.