A NEW ERA-UPGRADE! Run with the horses!

I had an extraordinary night vision on the 27th of December 2020. In this vision, I watched myself as if on a television screen. I saw myself in a line with many others. We had two ropes on our sides, like bannister rails, and we all wore what looked like superheroes or wrestling suits. We were in an intense battle with invisible foes as we moved forward in a single file. We punched and kicked them as they were attacking us from the sides.

This fascinating journey continued, and as each person in line reached the front, their names were called out. However, these names differed from the ones we know on Earth. They seemed more like wrestling names, such as “British Bulldog.” I distinctly remember one of the girls being announced as “Pink Puncher” as she reached the front of the line, dressed in a pink outfit. running alongside horses on a race track. It was a sight to behold as I galloped at a pace as if I were at Ascot Racecourses. Then, an incredible moment arrived when I saw myself coming off the track with my trainers in my hands, having taken them off at the end of the race, and I waved my hands in the air with that smile of victory on me.

This remarkable scene played out multiple times, leaving me in awe of the divine encounter. But the vision continued. As we emerged from this incredible scene, I ran alongside horses on horse tracks. I was in a pretty white dress with a light floral print and white trainers, running freely in my lane. I experienced a sense of victory and had a huge smile.

Seeking to understand the meaning of this vision, I turned to the Holy Spirit for guidance. I was led to Jeremiah 12:5, where God’s response to Jeremiah’s complaints about life’s challenges and unfairness was revealed. The verse emphasises that if you’ve struggled with human challenges, how will you compete with horses? This resonated with my vision of running with horses, signifying a season of divine empowerment beyond human qualifications.

Additionally, I explored Revelation 3:7-13, where Apostle John writes to the Faithful Church in Philadelphia. The message is filled with promises of open doors that no one can shut and overcoming trials with God’s strength.

In response, the Lord conveyed that it had been a particularly challenging season for His people. Many wondered where He had been, but He assured them that He had been present throughout their trials. Those serving in ministry felt the pressure of releasing God’s peace to a burdened world. The importance of living in God’s Word became clear, strengthening the faith of believers.

This year forced believers to trust in God and His Word, regardless of circumstances. The remnant who persevered will experience renewed strength, enabling them to overcome challenging situations. The vision of running with horses symbolises this renewed strength, where believers can move with ease, speed, and stamina despite the pressures of life.

God is calling His people to upgrade their mindset, faith, knowledge of Him through His Word, and belief in the power of the gospel. As we dwell in Christ, we become unstoppable by the devices of the enemy. God will display His power through His beloved body of Christ, and many will come to know Jesus intimately in this great time of revival.

It’s a new era, and God’s message is clear: “UPGRADE!” As we’ve overcome the footmen, it’s time to run with the horses and live out the best version of our lives in Christ. This is the season for renewal, strength, and experiencing God’s power like never before.

It’s a new Era- Upgrade!

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