This morning I woke up overwhelmed with gratitude and love for my parents. The vessels of honour that God entrusted to give birth to me and raise me up.  I am convinced that in their role as our parents, God is speaking these words over them today  “Well done good and faithful servants, you were entrusted with a little and you have worked it into a lot- come and enjoy your masters glory!

Over the years they have changed roles from being strict disciplinarian, caregivers and guides, to being friends and cheerleaders who have continued to help me navigate the complexities of my own life with love, encouragement and support.

We have watched them run around doing all sorts of work, business ventures and pursuits to make ends meets whilst dealing with each of my siblings different needs and expenses.  I have seen the hand of the Lord strong upon my hardworking parents whom when I look at them now, as I too juggle the challenges and complexities of adulthood, can only take my hat off to salute them and say “Mom and dad, I call you blessed! You have been one of the most prized treasures God has blessed me with in this life. To be given an opportunity to walk with living, wisdom giving heroes of my faith- is a favour I do not take lightly!”

My dad  has always been such a constant voice of encouragement and inspiration. From a young age he  was always optimistic, helped with homework and was supportive towards any venture that dares to explore new territories of possibilities and the constant pursuit of wisdom for each of us.  My mom, a firm hand of love, practical guidance and discernment.  Two very different personalities brought together by love to equip us each with tools to work and navigate the different hand of life that God would deal to each one of us.

This combination which God cooked up and ordained himself working towards five decades ago now, was surely one of God’s very good ideas.

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.
Ecclesiastes 4:9‭-‬12 NLT

I have observed this scripture in my folks life and whilst we as their children  have witnessed them navigate no end of challenges, highs and level plain areas, I can pinpoint that their steadfast trust in God and open hearts which kept taking everything on with good cheer has seen them through and thankfully rubbed off to me too.  Their union and unity has yielded so much good fruit of which we have been able to partake of the blessing.

I remember on several occasions thinking that the church choir was in the house, only to see the two of them holding a hymn book and singing their hearts out in worship to their God who has seen them through so many tests of time.  Indeed He is worthy of all our praise!

It is such a blessing to have them both around in this stage of my life and observe that even as I read the bible now and the various tests and trials the saints of old had- I can see how I have right in my own life, living heroes of this faith in Jesus Christ.

Marriage and raising children is hard and requires a lot of sacrifices and compromises. “Mom and dad- your journey is a testimony to me of how faithful and true God really is and how when you make up to work hard, keep the faith and do your best, things will always work out in the end.  

Thank you for training us up the way we should go.  It has been a sure-footed pathway where despite our own errors and  short-sightedness on several areas that would have caused us to slip, crash and and fall, your prayers, love and support have been God’s way of showing us that God is with us all the way.  My prayer for you in this season of your lives is that you enjoy rest in your promised land that you have so beautifully tended and nurtured over the years.  Enjoying your grandchildren which are a crown of glory from God, your friends and family and savouring quality time with them. That you may have released to you the strength of a 40 year old that Caleb professed to have so you can enjoy focusing on you, and the things that you perhaps never got time to do when you were so busy looking after everyone else.  With a long good  happy and healthy life may God continue to satisfy you.”

I want to encourage every couple out there who may be in the throes of challenges, every parent who is burdened with the hardships of trying to raise up children and make ends meet.  You are on a unique journey and the challenges and hardships you face are an opportunity to grow into more than you have known prior to the moment you are facing now. 

Keep working on the garden of your hearts, removing weeds of unforgiveness, traumas and distress that can so easily fester it and purpose yourself to always love.  Love yourselves, love God and as you do that it will enable you to love everyone else around you.

God is able to see you through to better days and help you make the most of whatever situations and circumstances you are finding yourselves in right now.
Keep doing your best, God is able to make everything else work out for your good with the rest!


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