A friend of mine has been running a great 31 days sessions of meditating on the book of Proverbs and my, oh my, has it been a breath of fresh air. It has been an opportunity to introspectively look at the wisdom from Solomon and glean on nuggets of how I can move in this type of wisdom in my everyday life!

As Proverbs 26 vs 2 caught my attention this week as I realised that we are gatekeepers of our own lives. We each have tailor made journeys with successes, achievements, celebratory moments contrasted with tests, trials and setbacks that present themselves throughout all our seasons. The most incredible thing is each living scripture of the Bible carries the glory of God that can, when we apply it from our Heavenly Father’s Heart perspective, bring tremendous FREEDOM, JOY AND PEACE in every area of our lives as we journey through it.

We live in a world where we are always looking for someone to blame for our woes and setbacks, and are lured constantly from pressing on towards the mark of our own High calling and pressing through our challenges, by being too busy being consumed by what is happening outside of ourselves.

Whilst looking at Proverbs 26 vs 2, it reasurred me that we have to normalise, at least in our personal lives that, whatever we are facing, we have somehow attracted it to ourselves or it has come to teach or reveal something to us that is based on our purpose here on earth and what we need to understand in this season.
It is not because of anything anyone outside of us has done. Nothing that does not have any legal right to land on your doorstep will be able to. I noted this month as we meditated on Proverbs how easy it is to be careless with one’s own mouth and words. Perhaps being more intentional about what you decree over your own life as well as what you speak about others (you will reap what you sow Galations 6 vs 7) is what has greatest influence on the life that you are finding yourself living. Since Proverbs 18 vs 21 says The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. JOB who experienced all sorts of calamities in Job 3 vs 25 stated that “What I always feared has happened to me. What I dreaded has come true.” It is as if by fearing something you open up a door for that very thing to come in. No wonder the scriptures encourage us to fear not and to watch our tongues and what we speak- we are designing our own destinies through them!

My encouragement to you today is that you should continue to move freely in the confidence and grace that you are blessed beyond measure and are set to enjoy the John 10 vs 10 abundant life. It is the life for YOU. YOU ARE worthy for it, Christ qualified you by His grace and paid in full for you to enjoy it now! Heaven on earth!

The devil is a legalist and that is why he is called the accuser of the brethren! He is always looking for a legal right to pin you down with word curses, murmuring, slander, bad news and written decrees and announcements that are against you.

Reject them! REJOICE in the Lord always because as you keep yourself light, with a repentant heart, forgiving those who trespass against you, trusting more in God and recognising the weaknesses in man, you become more aware of and remain in the presence of God which has never left you nor forsaken you!

You are covered by Jesus’ very own blood! Refuse to give the enemy of your dreams and destiny access to your time, efforts and mind that anyone outside of yourself can affect what is going on in your life. Make practical efforts to walk in peace and love but when and where that is not yet possible, do not be afraid to dust your feet off and move on. Observe society with a heart of mercy knowing that we are all where we are at and can only work with the knowledge and understanding that we have at any given time.

You however have been given power and authority by Jesus Christ himself over your own life. Keep working out your salvation daily with fear and trembling and make practical steps to access things you want to see in your life with boldness. Refuse to be intimidated, you are wrestling against powers and principalities in high places.

Whatever you permit will be permitted, whatever you bind will be bound (Matt18vs18)
Take authority!
Release yourself from any fears, anxieties, rumours and even factual information that could be trying to hinder you from growing into your truest authentic self.

You my friend are blessed beyond measure and nothing can separate you from God’s love for you! Keep fighting the good fight of faith and enjoy the journey. You are moving further into the joys of your promised land! Taste and see that the Lord is good!

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