Celebrating Growth and Empowerment 💪

Reflecting on a pivotal moment at last year’s Understanding Money Conference, I recall a speaker who delved into the subject of Imposter Syndrome. It was a revelation! I distinctly remember a voice from within me whispering, “She’s here for you.” As she dissected the self-sabotaging nature of Imposter Syndrome, I couldn’t help but connect the dots and realize how, as a Black African woman in the diaspora, I had been particularly susceptible to this phenomenon.

It struck me – how long had I been unknowingly shortchanging myself and my true value? While as a Christian, I’ve been taught the value of humility, the way it’s often instilled can hinder us from recognizing and embracing our worth in the marketplace. This reminded me of the story of a woman content with receiving crumbs from Jesus, accepting the label of a dog when she deserved more. While the chosen children enjoyed the whole loaf, she was content with just a crumb – which ultimately brought her healing.

A dear friend consistently reminds me, “Tendayi, you are amazing! The things you do should be on your CV.” This Black History Month, I can’t help but think of the countless Black women out there doing phenomenal work to uplift their communities, often without the support and resources they truly deserve.

As I reviewed my Treating Customers Fairly reviews this month, I couldn’t help but pat myself on the back and acknowledge the progress I’ve made. It’s a reminder that we have the power to make a difference in people’s lives, be a positive influence in the world, and reach for our full potential. 🌟

This post is also a shout-out to all the incredible sisters out there who daily exhibit courage, boldly step out, and make a lasting impact in their communities. Thank you for the lives you touch, whether in secret or out in the open. We see you, and we appreciate your dedication! 💖 #BlackHistoryMonth #Empowerment #CommunityImpact


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