Black History Month, Young authors


There were some positives from the lockdown period which in my opinion, was one of the toughest psychological imposed shifts, we all had to go through as a people. Becoming teachers overnight for us parents and a lack of usual extracurricular activities that used keep us busy in a hive of activity brought most of our worlds to a halt.

One of the great surprises was when my 9-year-old daughter handed me over some manuscripts that she was determined to get published before her 10th birthday. So proud to have seen her go through the intensive grind of working with the editor, typesetter, illustrator, cover designer and launch manager, many times getting frustrated or just walking away because she was no longer interested, but eventually getting to this big day that the first of her “Diaries of a Drama Queen” series, THE BIG START is coming out!

It is great when we see our children winning and giving us something to smile about during this difficult time of a global pandemic. The fact that it is black history month makes it extra special as she steps into the world of being an author at this young and tender age. Having started just a few years ago myself, I know what a gamechanger it is and hope she inspires other writers to also start writing young!

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