Understanding Money workbook-Ebook


This workbook is pivotal for anyone who is serious about setting a stable foundation on their finances by understanding key principles in a practical way. There are many hurdles and temptations that keep us from navigating successfully with our finances throughout our lives and this workbook has been designed to allow any group or individual to be able to build generational wealth through financial literacy.

Money Matters are always at the core of interest of every individual because money in is different forms and currencies is the means that enables one to live with the things that one needs in this life. Everyone’s journey is different, but the concepts of things you will need to consider along the way carefully, are typically the same.

This workbook aims to equip you to understand the lifecycles, financial tools and vehicles to enable you to manage the financial resources you amass to position yourself strategically to win. As you perfect the positive strategies that you inherited from your previous generation and those you have personally learnt along the way, you position yourself to enjoy a better lifestyle with your money. I will not be giving you any specific advice in this book, and it is critical to seek professional guidance in the respective areas you identify, but this tool aims to stimulate your thought process about different areas so you can gain confidence in deciding the places you need to act and implement structures that work for you.



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