Building A Healthy Relationship With Money-Making It Work For You


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This is a bite-sized coaching tool for anyone who wants to strengthen or grow a positive balanced relationship with money. The societies we live in have many dangerous traps that lure individuals into developing unhealthy relationships with this great symbol of power, wealth and influence. Many people live an unfulfilled life chasing money by any means necessary and end up losing it as well as many other things by not assessing the health of their relationship with it. Tendayi Ndoro is a seasoned financial advisor who uses practical examples as well as the word of God, prayer points and declarations to shed light to some of the stumbling blocks that lead to lack of fulfilment and strife for many in this area. This tool aims to bring clarity and alignment towards behaviours that can nurture and grow a more longstanding consistently healthy relationship with money. Her desire is that money and wealth be easily drawn to you as you use your gifts and talents and that you gain the wisdom and understanding to manage it successfully to a point where it serves you and your needs.


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