Birthing a Godly Vision- Releasing Heavenly ideas for positive influence on earth.


Where there is no vision people perish. This proverb quoted by the wise King Solomon in Proverbs 29 vs 18 rings true today as we look at the choices people make and the repurcussions they have based on their presence or lack of accurate vision for the future. The ability to see clearly and take the appropriate actions is one that can move families, communities and nations from mediocre states to impactful and prosperous places. This however requires some work and the results can be seen amidst those who have managed to not only design great visions that benefit themselves and others but also managed to release them into the world in their fully functional effective states. Visions have to be conceived, processed then released out into the world in formats that people can clearly see and benefit from. This book will invite you to venture into how to bring God’s Heavenly ideas down to earth. The whole world is groaning for individuals who can bring such visions into manifestations. Join us on this reading journey that aims to act as a midwife in helping you to deliver the gems that are inside of you out into the world.

The Royal Diadems are marketplace ministers called by God to represent Him as Jewels in His Kingdom. They are a chosen generation whom God has called out to go and be light and salt to the earth on the seven mountains of societal influence. They have undertaken a bespoke, intensive mentoring and training program to begin understanding the depth, width, height and breadth of the mandates, mantles and assignments God has prepared for them to walk in whilst living out their abundant lives. God is raising this new breed of sons of God to go out to equip, teach and empower others on how to live out the very best version of their lives by accessing their authentic identities in Christ.

This is our second book.


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