Understanding Money Workbook


This is a paper workbook that can be used to work individually or in a group to work through key areas of finances and is relatable to everyday life.  It has 4 course- areas topics which are Designing your Lifeplan; 6 Gears to navigating your financial journey, Your relationship with money and Overcoming the enemies fighting your finances.

This intellectual property belongs to Tendayi Ndoro- Lifeplan International and cannot be photocopied or sold without permission.

Tendayi is a Christian author who is passionate about equipping the next generation with financial literacy.  Having worked in banking through advisory roles for over 20 years, she has devised a program and run series of workshops over the years to empower individuals to be able to understand money and the multiple tools and assets that can be used to design the life you desire to live.
The sessions within this workbook are part of her Understanding Money School of finance toolkit- a platform that has its agenda in building generational wealth through financial literacy.   Although the sessions have some principles based on the bible as undertones, these lessons are designed to benefit anyone of any religious background and are useful lessons for anyone who is interested in experiencing a better journey with their finances in their lifetime.


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