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Promised Land Prosperity- Overcoming the mental and Mindset Issues affecting your finances

Join Joshua, and previous commanders who decided to pursue a greater destiny than their history had dictated by choosing to pursue and be established in a new prosperous land. This book takes you on a modern quest for prosperity, where the Promised Land gleams with riches and financial success but is guarded by formidable foes—hidden in your character and operating on your mind.

Discover the impact these have on your DAY-TO-DAY financial management and decision-making and employ strategies to conquer the likes of Laziness, procrastination, fear, and Indecision while turning mental health conditions, like Anxiety, into allies by taking the ultimate battle position in Jesus Christ.

Triumph over adversity, claim your Promised Land Prosperity and embark on a life-changing journey to abundance.
Your Promised Land awaits you—start conquering your foes today!

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