I have a coat of many colours-Restoration of the Abundant Life


This is a great read for anyone who is after wholeness and abundance in every area of their life. It uses the life of Joseph from the bible and draws from it to assess the different areas of one’s life that bring it a sense of completion and fulfilment. The abundant life Jesus spoke about in John 10 vs 10.

These 7 areas, which are Marriage, Parenting, Career, Business, Health, Ministry and Purpose, display the full beauty in the coat of many colours that Joseph was given by his father before it was robbed from him by his jealous brothers. Many to date like Joseph was before his restoration, are still living in a life that is in the shadows of the fullness of colour that their Heavenly Father had given them in the beginning.

It is time for restoration and resuscitation of everything good that the enemy, killed, stole and destroyed from your colourful life! It is time for the Restoration of your abundant life!

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