Take the limits off- Encounter Your true self!

I thought I would give it a few days before I ponder and share my thoughts on my encouragement for you for the new year! What if you could this year make a resolution to cut yourself off from the normal type of resolutions and restrictive expectations of the world and society around you and encounter your true self? What do I mean by that? Well what if you could instantly make a decision today that could begin to turn your life towards the things that you really want and dream about vs what the world expects of you? What if you could plan all of this out within the year and begin to live it out by this time next year? There is too much emphasis in the world on making a whole lot of money and acquiring this and that and one of the things I personally desire is a well balanced life that yields joy and fulfilments in every area. I have seen relationships suffer and people lose the focal point of why they do what they do in pursuit of a reputation or a life packed with creature comforts which by the way I’m all up for provided the price is not too high for the sucess. When it is all said and done, you come into this world with nothing, you leave it with nothing. The only traces of your existance over time will be the ways that you were able to impact your generation and what inspiration, impartations, inventions, discoveries, solutions you were able to leave behind.

That pursuit of material things often has many of the world today striving continuously and few actually living out a life of peace, freedom, joy and happiness. You earn a little bit of extra money, so you decide to purchase a bigger car on finance, a new phone comes out and whilst your old one is still working, you get another 2 year contract and are tied in again, you are about to finish your debt on your home, then you decide to get an even bigger home and hence incur a bigger debt as a result of it and I often wonder how many of these things truly give people the peace, joy, security and sense of purpose in life. The book of Romans 12 vs 2 says
“Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” I always admire one couple I heard about a few years ago who had teenage children and dreamt of travelling around the world and really experiencing the cultures there. They were fortunate in that one of them had served the minimum required years in the policeforce to earn a decent guaranteed income and so they had a decent continuing income despite them being in their early fourties. They sold their house and bought a luxury yatch and decided to sail around the world. They would live in an area/island for a few months, home school their children and give them experiencial global education whilst they did whatever work they found in the area with their skillset. Everyone thought they were crazy to live out their dream but they had prayed about it, planned it out and were going for it. They had Taken the limits off their Mindset and were coming face to face with their wildest desires and dreams. How exiting!

So this new year as you meditate, pray and begin your resolutions, I want to challenge to take the limits off your mind and imagine what you would do if you heard a voice saying to you “you have everything right now, in you, around you or in acccess of you to start living the life that you want.’ If you believed that voice and began to open your eyes this month to the opportunities that surround you where could you be this time next year. As I have accepted Jesus Christ and decided to to pursue a life in him, I am encouraged when I read 2 Peter 1 vs 3 which says “By his divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know him, the one who called us to himself by means of his marvelous glory and excellence.” So this year, refuse to allow money and status or the lack of it restrict you in moving towards the things that you truly desire out of your life, once you set your eyes on what it is you really want and why, you will be surprised how you begin to attract them and as you seize the opportunities presented to you daily, they pave a way for the ultimate freedom that is really on your heart to live. I have put a few scenarios here to simply invite you to apply a perspective shift to the problems you have had for too long and this January, begin to map out and start applying ways to get you into the preferred place you would want to be by this time next year.


Feeling Stuck and disgruntled in a small flat that you bought before you had children and now need a bigger place but cannot afford the move based on your salaries because house prices have gone so high? You are all on top of each other and more arguments are brewing in the house as the surface area per person is restricted because the children are growing.


In Genesis 26 we see Isaac had decided to redig his fathers wells he kept getting fought on their ownership as he found water in them. The third time he dug and found water, no one contended with him and he called the place Rehoboth meaning the Lord has made room for us and we will flourish in the land. Maybe all the “ordinary normal” options you have tried in this area you kept getting the door slammed in your face for one reason or another but try another place and another way, this time a way may just be made for you. You may consider renting out your flat and going out to rent a bigger place yourself. Relocating to a new area might also allow you to stretch your income a little further. The possible extra monthly cost of that bigger place will pay for itself as you stop living like sardines and will allows your creativity to be released. You will likely find that you and your whole family individually will likely find more peace and enjoyment of everyday life and life will be better for you all.


You are getting married later on in life and had always wanted to have children but wondering if you will have the energy for them and have concerns of whether you will be able to meet their financial needs all the way till they are independant. You have a niggling feeling that it is a little late and unfair to start. Maybe you have been trying for years and it still hasn’t happened, you have spent a fortune on IVF treatments and it still hasnt happened.


Do not allow the dissapointment or feeling of “its too late” to sap the life out of you and your marriage. Having your own children is great and I am not saying this to dash hopes and dreams for you or to keep you from trying but while you continue to wait or if you have made your decision not to have them. If you can afford it, alternative options like surrogacy may be for you and if you get over the hurdle of needing to be the one who carries the baby, it can happen for you. You could choose to fulfil that need by working with them, foster or even adopt the many children out there in the world who are in need for loving parents. If you do not want to get too involved, you could teach a lifeskill or talent or even set up a business that involves one of the numerous need areas that children have. Your life could leave a legacy when you start to do some of the most incredible inspirational work with children that only you have the specific download on and you could positively shape the future generation. Who knows, just when you stop letting it be the be all and end all, it could also just happen naturally for you. Just looking at one of the reasons in society we choose or want to have children is for our names to live on or to pass on our wealth to our descendants and have someone walking on this earth with a part of us long after we depart this earth. I look at the apostle Paul who never got married nor had children as far as we know but made such an incredible impact in his life that we are still gleaning from his teachings and insights today. On the other hand we have William Shakespheare, another man of God and writer whose incredible legacy still lives on today. He got married and had children but there is no trace of his direct descendants living today as his grandchildren died without having any children of their own. Were either of their lives less impactful by having children or not having children, I do not think so. Choose to live out your purpose and do not allow the technicalities of life kill your inspiration and purpose. There is more to you than the status quo!


You have a respectable role in society, maybe are a leader of a big company or ministry or have a high profile role and have a lot of responsibility however the increased pressures at work, long hours and commute are beginning to put a strain on your marriage, health and you do not know who your children are anymore. You are great at what you do but constantly feel drained and have too many perks from the job to even consider how you would make it out there on your own.


Do not let holding on to the “title or prestige” wear you down. Carefully consider taking the paycut or relinquishing the power and lay everything on the table whilst you consider every option that will allow you to spend more quality time with your family and take better care of your health. When it is all said and done that time when your children need you the most is priceless and you can never get it back. If you are feeling uncomfortable about things, that is your internal compass telling you that you need to make the shift otherwise there will be a dear price to pay. No one knows what the future holds but regret is the worst thing to have to live with so when you are in the position to make the necessary adjustments, do it! Spend the year realigning your assets and investments and mapping out alternative income streams or ventures that your expertise and experience can get you.Do not allow your hold of material things or positions keep you from the true treasures in your life. I am reminded of a story in Matthew 19 vs 16-24 where a rich young man wanted to enter the Kingdom of God and was told to sell everything and give it to the poor then follow Jesus. Only then would he be perfect and he gain the true heavenly treasures. I believe that this scripture reminds us that sometimes the empires we spend our lifetimes building could actually be building walls and barriers between us and what we really want and is really good for us. Consider laying it all down and see what possibilities open up.

I wish you every success in your endeavours this year and hope this blog has facilitated you gaining a perspective shift on the problems and hurdles that you kept coming up against in the past year. Move towards your dreams and true desires, Take the Limits off and ENCOUNTER YOUR TRUE SELF!


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